Tech roundup: Filippo Ganna's new shoes, Chapter 2's fresh paint, and an indoor bike race you have to leave the house for

We take a look at the most intriguing tech developments this week

(Image credit: Chapter2, North Wave, MyWhoosh)

It's always around this time in November that we start to hear the first utterances of Christmas music. Though some people (myself included) may think this is far too early, the run up to Christmas does tend to bring some interesting new tech releases - and this year is no different.

This week we'll be taking a look at the big claims behind Filippo Ganna's new Northwave shoes, A stunning limited edition paint scheme from Chapter 2, and the new format for the 2024 Zwift World Championships. Let's dive in!

North Wave Veloce Extreme

This week, Italian shoe brand Northwave released a new range-topping road shoe. The new Veloce Extreme kicks boast a headline 4% increase in power transfer, alongside a 9% increase in stability, which have both been achieved with new patented technology and a rigorous testing process. 

North Wave Extreme Veloce shoes on purple background

(Image credit: North Wave)

North Wave says the Veloce Extreme shoes were subject to biomechanical testing which showed the effectiveness of the new PowerShape High Tail sole. Testing, which was carried out with none other than Hour Record holder Filippo Ganna, included sprints, ramp tests, and steady-state efforts which saw reduced perceived exsertion of 15%.

North Wave Extreme Veloce shoes on purple background

(Image credit: North Wave)

We have a pair of the new shoes out on test currently, and will be putting these claims to the test - so stay tuned for our full review in the near future!

Chapter2 KOKO

Chapter2 is a relatively small brand based out of New Zealand that aims to stand out from the crowd. The company was founded back in 2017 by father and son duo Mike Pryde and Neil Pryde, and this autumn they have given their KOKO aero bike a new look.

Chapter2 KOKO

(Image credit: Chapter2)

We think the new British Racing Green paint scheme is properly classy, and a great addition to the brand's performance race bike, which will set you back $2,849/£3,149 for a frameset. Alongside its new elegant coat of paint, the KOKO boasts cam-tail tube profiles and a fully integrated front end.

Chapter2 KOKO

(Image credit: Chapter2)

A nice feature too is the adjustable compliance which Chapter2 has built into the rear end thanks to a clever seat clamp. The clamp can be used in two different positions on the seat post, allowing for more or less fore-aft flex at the saddle, based on your preference.

More information on the new KOKO can be found on the Chaper2 website.

Indoor Cycling World Championships

Finally, we take a timely look at the world of indoor cycling. This week, cycling's governing body, the UCI, announced that the Cycling Esports World Championships will be held in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). 

The new format will see the top 20 finalists from each category compete on site in Abu Dhabi, somewhat ironically leaving the country for indoor training!


(Image credit: My Whoosh, screengrab by Christopher Schwenker)

It is part of a new three-year deal that will see the indoor training platform MyWhososh host the championships

Akhtar Saeed Hashmi, CEO/Managing Director of MyWhoosh said "MyWhoosh and UCI will be working closely to organize the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships with firm race control mechanisms. We are committed to transforming Abu Dhabi into a truly world-class cycling hub, and look forward to providing athletes, fans, and enthusiasts with an immersive experience that combines the excitement of esports with the spirit of cycling."

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